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Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet:
Ten Visionaries Who Make A Difference

What Readers Are Saying About The Book...

"Thank you so much! As you know, your book has been selling well in my little bookstore. I thought you would also like to know that our local Senior College is using it in one of their classes. I did read it as soon as I received it and knew right away that I would enjoy passing it on. The best thing about my job is sharing wonderful messages I find in great books with my customers, friends and family.  I recommend it at every opportunity."

~ Sandy D.

"I read your book. Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment. When I read about the ten visionaries I was inspired to continue my own search for my place, my unique path that no one else can walk. You reminded me that there is never one way. We all have gifts to receive and to give, and our job is to create our own way of receiving and giving. These visionaries are truly an inspiration and I am renewed with new spirit to seek my own wisdom and create my own destiny. Thanks for your passion which is contagious."

~ Pat K.

"Your new book, Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make A Difference is a wonderful reminder of the things we know, but need to reinforce in our lives. I share so many of the avenues and experiences and know from my soul how much this journey means to you and to others that have worked with you and know you. Glad you picked these visionaries to align with and share with us. They are wonderful people to walk with on our Spiritual Journey.

Can’t wait to share your book with others."

~ Faye H.

"Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet is a marvelous book. Ten notable visionaries, including originator Susan Hastings, have each written a chapter. This is what makes it stand out from the typical self-help book.The authors share their varied perspectives on living a fulfilling life.The organization of material and the graphics are excellent, the writing clear, insightful, and uplifting. Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet is a four-star book.that you will find hard to put down--that has universal and timeless appeal ."

~ D. Church.

"After reading your chapter in your book, I started a Gratitude Journal.  As you know, I'm not much of a journalling person, but I must say that I truly look forward to it each night.  Even if I don't get to actually write anything, throughout the day I find myself looking more for those things to be grateful for - and there are so many of them!!"

  ~ Brenda M.

"The men were practical and pragmatic. Mark LeBlanc's advice to "Trust the process, ... "made an impression upon me when I heard that statement for the first time in late August .... I had to chuckle about the red light warning; I felt sad about the sibling suicides, and I'm intrigued by  informing oneself from within. The book definitely has a calming effect."

~ Helene S.

"Susie's 10 practical suggestions for walking the spiritual path with practical feet, make it easy to include the "spiritual life" into our "daily life". Thank you Susie. I will use these for myself and with my clients."

"As a nurse for over 30 years and now practicing Holistic Psychiatry, I was so pleased to see that one of my most influential teachers, Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers, beautifully incorporates into her discussion on the role of physical, emotional and mental healing, the heart connection and the role of Spirituality in healing.

As a nurse practitioner, and forever striving to do the work I love, I was quite able to identify with Dr. Haltinner's chapter, "It's All About Love." She makes it simple for me to see how authentic listening and having an open heart can lead to successful and meaningful work.

Congratulations, Susie!! You (and spirit) have done a real service here."

~ Jane F.

"I rec'd the book and have almost finished's wonderful, Susie, and again, I congratulate you. I also love the bookmark you included with the Rumi quote...beautiful touch.

~ S. Bargman

This is the kind of book that can be picked up time and again and doesn't lose its relevance. I appreciate its practicality - the tips I can use in my daily life - but also the depth of the observations, that really help me wake up to the world around me. Bottom line, these passages help me live with more purpose, and feel better connected to my life."

~ Liz S.

"I'm reading one chapter each day, in front of the fire and with my morning cup of java in hand. I find your book, your spirit, your tenacity..inspires me to seek my center. Thank you, Suz, for sharing your gifts with me."

~ Julie B

"Your chapter is inspiring and specifically helpful. I also read Marshall Goldsmith's entire chapter to my husband, and he liked it! Then I fell in love with "Living from Your Soul at Work"

The authors you've chosen, with their stories and varying visions, are fascinating. I'm very grateful to you for doing the awesome job of getting this book out, Susie. Yes!"

~ Jody Z

"Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet is a collection of ten essay gems of spiritual wisdom and practical advice for living a more authentic life. In my copy many passages are highlighted for their insightfulness. Many pages have corners turned over for easier future reference.

This is a book to be read, re-read and revisited - especially on those days when my practical feet stray from a spiritual path."

~ Karen L.

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed and inspired I am by your wonderful book. I am really enjoying it, and think the journal idea is brilliant."

~ Didi P.

"I have your book by my bedside (as you suggested) and am enjoying it so much!  You really do have the answers to a happy life.  So much of the time we all spend "getting by", "coping", "dealing" with stuff rather than making a plan to try to achieve what we really do want in life.  Congratulations to you for thinking about the whole process, devising a plan to help everyone achieve what they want.  Congratulations for getting it published in a book that I think can really benefit us all!" 

~ M. James

"Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make A Difference is a very unique approach using ten people, all with excellent credentials, who give their own thoughts about what "walking the spiritual path" means to them - and, as a result, gives a fresh, expanded perspective to the reader.  This is another example of how Susie has integrated progressive thinking from any source to increase the depth of her ability to focus on the whole picture."

~ T. Craig

"Reading Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical: Ten Visionaries Who Make A Difference is like a refreshing walk through an old familiar garden - a chance to reflect on blossoms of wisdom perhaps passed many times before - that collectively revive the scents of truths so valuable to the seekers journey."

~ D. Jones

"In “Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet,” Susie Hastings has created a resource that is an inspiring compilation of mindful, thoughtful and soulful approaches to living everyday life.

And in doing so, she has given the reader wonderful examples of individuals who readily share their experiences regarding their own life’s journey.

Susie has facilitated the integration of these “thoughts” from the “ten visionaries who make a difference,” by offering insights for readers’ consideration coupled with practical suggestions for assimilating those that might “ring true” for the individual… into actionable “possibilities”…including how these concepts might be played out in the work setting for individuals. She has done a masterful job of sharing her own experiences as a common thread.

There is also a consistent message permeating the book that “connects the dots” for the reader that suggests that…who we are…does, in fact, transcend every “role” that each of us plays...and to me, that suggests that the silos that we may live in…family life, work life, spiritual life, etc. all need to be integrated and in sync for us to truly make a difference for ourselves and for those whose lives we touch."

~ E. Fiander

"As a bookseller, I see many books on the subject of spirituality.They all have something of importance to their readers, but one often has to read selectively.  In Walking The Spiritual Path With Practical Feet, Susan Hastings has compiled a wonderful gem of a book that sums up the wisdom of ten people in a package that can fit in a purse, a backpack or a glove compartment. Each of the contributors offers much of value for the reader looking for more "spirit" in her life; and all in just one book!"

~ P. McConnel



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Susan Hastings, President, Creative Communications

Susan Craig Hastings is President of Creative Communications, a visionary seminar, consulting and coaching company.  By combining the best of traditional and non-traditional approaches, Susan leads organizations and individuals to integrate excellent results and relationships so they can discover more joy and peace of mind  - and to make even more of a difference. 








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