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Leadership Team Building

The Leadership

The Leadership
Team Institute

Turning Managers into Leaders and Leaders into Visionaries Creating Vision Through Teamwork in the Workplace

Leadershipe & Team BuildingThe Leadership Institute and Leadership Team Institute offer organizations intensive programs that provide managers and leaders the opportunity to greatly influence the people they deal with on a day to day basis.

These unique programs provide an unparalleled combination of knowledge, coaching, and skill building tools to ensure that individuals perform at their utmost. Participants quickly implement key concepts and strategies and walk away with confidence as well as a new respect for themselves and others.

Susan familiarizes herself with the company, and identifies specific needs and objectives. With appropriate Modules, a Leadership Institute is tailored to the organization.

Once needs and objectives are identified, a group meeting is set up. Up to 15 people gather for the first phase that lasts for 4.5 days. The first phase is held off-site as it is conducive to both learning and relaxation – essential to the success of the program. Preplanning materials are given to attendees in advance. These tools and Assessments assist in the learning process and aids people in putting ideas into action.

Special prominence is placed on each person’s unique style and personal profile. This allows participants to leave with a vision for success and an action plan to make positive changes in their work and personal lives.

Success is maintained through follow-up conference calls, which Susan provides on a monthly or quarterly basis. Six months to a year after the initial experience, the group reconvenes for a two to four day retreat – this allows for review and new skill building. The result is a renewed commitment to ongoing growth and accomplishment.

The Modules:

Vision/Mission Values Teambuilding
Stress Management Leadership Delegation
Time Mastery Goal Setting Coaching Mentoring
Communication Attitudes Behavioral Styles
Customer Service Facilitation Strategic Planning

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The Assessments:

A major part of the success of the program is the availability assessments that strengthen the self-awareness of the individual and the team. Assessment choices are:

360 Degree Feedback Survey Behavioral Styles (DISC)
Conflict Management Leadership
Learning Styles Listening
Organization Climate Stress Management
Team Building Time Mastery

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Here's What You Can Expect!

Leadership with influence Clearer communications
Respect in the workplace Improved group dynamics
A new sense of spirit Empowering environment
Commitment to a common vision Acceptance of change
A can-do attitude Realization of goals
Greater focus Team alignment

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What Participants Are Saying:

"I am inspired in a way I never have been before. I can't wait to get back and share this with my team."

"Learning how to coach my staff has been incredibly insightful and useful. I wish someone would coach me like that."

"I have been to many off-site seminars - this is the best, by far, that I have ever attended."

"I have gained more knowledge from these short days than I have in a lifetime. You made a difference!

What Organizations Are Saying:

"The Leadership Institute has had a tremendous impact on our organization. Our managers now have a clear picture of what an effective leader looks like and acts like. They are able to define a vision and mission for their team that sets everyone out on the same path. When they leave the Institute, they can be measured and monitored. Everyday I hear a story about a success that one of our leaders has had that can be attributed back to skills they learned and adopted at the Institute. The Institute has become our secret weapon in our development of a strong team." - Storage USA

"The Leadership Institute is by far the best I've ever seen in providing excellent leadership skills training. The difference in this program and others we've done over the years is that in addition to developing skills, this program develops relationships. As a result, it is highly effective at producing positive results we're seeing daily - even two years later!" - Federal Railroad Administration

"With your guidance, all of our ambitious goals were achieved and the results promise an abundant and long lasting return on our investment of time. I am pleased that, between us, we have addressed the critical issues while preparing my key staff members for the next step, which will be more intensely involved with leadership issues and will be directed to a much larger audience. I was impressed with the enthusiastic response of the participants to your leadership and guidance during the many phases of the workshop. Their response assures that the impact on their performance will be permanent. - USArmy Corps of Engineers.

And About The Facilitator...

"Susan did a great job of ... encouraging us to reach out of our comfort zones and experience new thoughts and ideas. I like the fact that we will follow up with coaching sessions in order to reinforce our progress."

"Susan did an awesome job of facilitating the seminar. She kept everyone focused on the leadership skills necessary for success."

"Susan's creative abilities are exceptional, her facilitation skills are outstanding. Her relaxed style immediately puts people at ease. She creates an atmosphere where people are willing to share ideas and experiences. "

"I have participated in similar programs, but never one with so much detail, so much concern and follow-through. It will make a difference in my personal life and professional career. This experience has shown that our company cares about us as individuals.!"

You Make "A Difference" Today!

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