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Turning Managers Into Leaders
and Leaders Into Visionaries Tele-Seminar

Creative Communications CenterTele-Seminars with a differenceGreetings!

Do you (or someone you know) want to start the New Year with support for your leadership skills so you can be an even more effective leader in your professional – and personal – life? If so, the Leadership Institute Tele-Seminar: Turning Managers Into Leaders and Leaders Into Visionaries is what you’re looking for.

This class is based on the Leadership Institute, a very powerful and successful four day leadership program that has been delivered to hundreds of people over the past several years.

What Does the Leadership Institute Tele-Seminar Accomplish?

This series of classes will help you create a vision and a plan for excellence and achievement – whether it’s for your company, your team or your department.

Accountability measures distinguish this program from other
programs in the marketplace. When people grow,
organizations thrive!

The Leadership Institute Tele-Seminar is unique. Many programs include information only. This class provides a skillful blend of extensive knowledge, skill-building tools, and exercises to ensure people perform at their best – and equally important, to have relationships that are clear, honest and supportive.

The Leadership Institute Tele-Seminar is an intensive program for managers and leaders to make a greater impact on, and have more influence with, the people they lead and serve.

If you already have all the information you need and are ready to reserve your place for the next class, send us an email or telephone: 603-277-2955.

 ===> Please sign me up for your next classes! <===
(Susie will give you first choice of dates when they are posted)

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Leaders with influence ==> Clearer Communications
  • Respect in the workplace ==> Improved Group Dynamics
  • A new sense of spirit ==> Empowering Environment
  • Commitment to a common vision ==> Acceptance of Change
  • A can-do attitude ==> Realization of Goal
  • Greater focus ==> Team alignment

Learn how you can:

  • Create an exciting vision to inspire your team - and yourself
  • Coach your people to excellence
  • Discover your own and others Behavior and Values Styles
  • Communicate even more effectively
  • Learn new Time Mastery Skills
  • Cope with stress in your life
  • Achieve strategic plans and actions
  • Acquire Work/Life Balance

The specifically designed agenda and environment foster trust and respect for all participants. Special emphasis is placed on each person’s unique style and personal profile, allowing them to leave with a vision of success and a plan of action for making things happen – in their work, careers and personal lives.

Success is further ensured and desired outcomes achieved by taking advantage of a free coaching session one month after the retreat.

Who should attend:

Anyone aspiring to be an even more dynamic leader which may include supervisors, team leaders, managers, executives, consultants, coaches, and any professional looking to improve their leadership skills.

This class is limited to 15 people to ensure personal attention and to create a learning community of sharing and trust.


===> Please send me the dates for this class as soon as you have them finalized! <===

Where:  Your own home or office.

Investment: $695

This Comprehensive Learning Program includes:

  1. 4 day complete Manual of the Leadership Institute
  2. 4 personal on-line assessments – Behavior, Values, Time Mastery, Coping & Stress
  3. RealTime Coaching E-Book by Ron Ernst
  4. E-mail and laser coaching access to me throughout the program

Course Leader:

Susan Hastings is president of the Creative Communications Center and creator of The Leadership Institute and Leadership Team Institute. She has worked with individuals and companies to help create and support fulfilling relationships and lasting results.

If you already have all the information you need and are ready to reserve your place for the next class, send us an email or telephone: 800-733-9349.

 ===> Please sign me up for your next classes! <===
(Susie will give you first choice of dates when they are posted)


Companies who have benefited from Susan's
teaching, consulting and coaching include:

  • Alcoa
  • American Management Association
  • Andersen Windows
  • Chrysler Corporation
  • Dartmouth College
  • Department of the Army
  • Federal Railroad Administration
  • National Parks Service
  • New England Health Care Assembly and Hospice
  • New York Police Deptartment
  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
  • Storage US

What people are saying about the Leadership Institute:

The Leadership Institute is the most comprehensive and practical leadership development program that I have experienced to date. Not only did LI support me to develop critical skills to improve my organizational leadership, the program opened the way for me to lead with greater vision and heart. Susie's unique and penetrating teaching style helped me see what really mattered in my leadership, and then move from that insight into useful action. I am a stronger leader because of this program. Thank you Susan”

Alex Jaccaci,
Growth Curve Associates, President

“Individuals and companies that fully engage in the Leadership Institute find that it 'makes a difference immediately. Personal lives and the lives of companies are transformed. This program reflects Susan's genius in integration; the many lessons of her work and life are created into a coherent, poignant learning experience for participants who are open to being in the world with renewed vision.”

Peggy McArthur, Owner
LifeWork Associates, LLC

“While doing a little reflection of these last few days, you came to mind. I realized it was over 3 years ago when we first met at the Leadership Institute in Phoenix. Although it was only a short time after the worst tragedy we have ever had in our country, we made it a great experience.

The amount of folks you meet in a lifetime is staggering yet rarely have any long term impact. They usually don't leave much of a mark as you move along with the hustle and bustle of day to day life. However, every now and then you meet some really great people that affect you as a manager, leader, co-worker and a friend. You've done it all and I thank you again for the efforts you made in those classes. You had us open our minds and see who we were a little differently each time.”

Bill Benner, District Manager
Storage USA

“I highly recommend the Leadership Institute as a well laid out tool for training leaders of today and the future. Susan is a powerful and inspirational leader and I encourage anyone who is looking to enhance their leadership skills to take advantage of this unique learning experience.”

Deborah S. Eibner, MA, CCBC, CPC -
Senior Trainer
Dartmouth College Office of Human Resources

What organizations are saying about the Leadership Institute:

The Leadership Institute has had a tremendous impact on our organization. Our managers now have a clear picture of what an effective leader looks like and acts like. They are able to define a vision and mission for their team that sets everyone out on the same path. When they leave the Institute, they can be measured and monitored. Every day I hear a story about a success that one of our leaders has had that can be attributed back to skills they learned and adopted at the Institute. The Institute has become our secret weapon in our development of a strong team.”

Storage USA

The Leadership Institute is by far the best I’ve ever seen in providing excellent leadership skills training. The difference is this program and others we’ve done over the years is that in addition to developing skills, this program develops relationships. As a result, it is highly effective at producing positive results we’re seeing daily – even two years later!”

Federal Railroad Administration

“With your guidance, all of our ambitious goals were achieved and the results promise an abundant and long lasting return on our investment of time. I am pleased that, between us, we have addressed the critical issues while preparing my key staff members for the next step, which will be more intensely involved with leadership issues and will be directed to a much larger audience. I was impressed with the enthusiastic response of the participants to your leadership and guidance during the many phases of the workshop. Their response assures that the impact on their performance will be permanent.”

ERDC, US Army Corps of Engineers

If you would like more information about, or to reserve your place for this class, please send us an email or telephone: 800-733-9349.

 ===> Please sign me up for your next classes! <===
(Susie will give you first choice of dates when they are posted)

Spaces are limited, so reserve yours today!

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