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Synchronicities - My move to the Greens in Hanover

Susie HastingsFor every season, there's a reason....

Some things are meant to be and the season and the reason are totally in alignment when synchronicities kick in.   And anyone who knows me, knows I love synchronisities.

My definition of synchronicity, not exactly Webster's, is "What are the odds?"

There were many.  My move to the Greens in Hanover is one of them.

These are the highlights:
May 4th and interest or any thought of moving, at least for another year when I would be 80.

May 5th - my birthday.  Lunch with Jeff.  No agenda, but we did talk about my future.  I was planning to go to Kendal, a very elegant and excellent independent living facility,  when I was 80.   I was now 79 and besides, I would never be 80 (just like when I was 40, I would never be a grandmother).    I had been on the list for ten years, I could go now and had gotten calls the past two years asking if I was ready.   But it felt too big, I would have to drop bread crumbs to take Bella outside, have clients find me, though it would be wonderful for long time care.

Jeff mentioned the Greens, an independent condominium community first reaction was NO!  because I was associating it with the nursing home next door where Bella and I had visited a patient for over a year.  It used to be but it hasn't been for years, as it turned out.

I called the wife of the patient who had since died, knowing she was at the Greens.  She invited me to their weekly TGIF.  I called the executive director.  Came to look.  Came to the TGIF....loved the overall feel of the Greens community.

A week later I put in a bid for the one and only two bedroom condo....ground floor with a sweet patio garden.  And it was accepted.

I was given permission from my realtor to have an open house for my home and put it on my local Listserve where people list things they want to buy, sell, announce.   My doctor saw it, told her soccer mom friend to go look at it.  They were not looking for anything now because their son wanted to finish 8th grade in another town.   But they came anyway on their way to pick up their son at a neighbor's, loved it and bought it.  They are making changes to the house, staying where they are so their son can finish this year and will rent the apartment downstairs while they make the changes.

Realtors never showed it since this happened so fast.

Synchronicity!!!  What are the odds that...
1)  my realtor would allow and even support me having an open house for my home?
2)  my doctor, who lived in my home town, would see it and encourage her soccer mom to come look at it?
3)  they had no interest in buying a house this year but since their son was visiting a soccer friend neighbor they might as well come look?
4)  their enthusiasm trumped anything else and they bought it?

It was one thing after another that just fell into place....that's symchronisity!

The capsule:
May idea of moving    
May 5th....considered moving
May 15th .... put a bid on condo
June 28....closed on my condo
August 29 .... moved
September 10th ....closed on my house

All with great synchronicity!!
The end result is that I love where I am.  What's not to love about being totally pampered? 

... A wonderful 5 course meal served at noon.  If I'm not there, they wrap it up and put it in the   
    refrigerator for me to warm up at night
... condo cleaned once a week
.... maintenance man to help with anything from moving furniture to hanging pictures
.... newspaper outside my door, not at the end of rather long driveway
....many events from classes (including exercise) to lectures to TGIF's
... mail delivered right to the living area
.... additional health resources
... above all, a sense of a caring community

For everything there is a season ... and a reason.  Add synchronicity and you can't beat it! Some things are just meant to be!

I know many of you have such stories.

Please share them! May life's mysteries show up on your journey ....and may you listen.



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