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Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet Retreat Series

Return by popular request:  Based on Susan Hastings’ book, “Walking the
Spiritual Path with Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make A Difference”

with author Jeffrey Douglass Author of Living from Your Soul

Right Time - Right Place - Right Action

Susan Hastings Book - Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical FeetJeffrey is returning to collaborate on a new workshop based on his book Living from Your Soul and Susie's book Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make A Difference.

2009 .... another year. Do you trust in yourself that you are living "Right Time, Right Place, Right Action"? and looking for guidance of what that may look for you?  Or are you feeling the pain and fear of the unknown challenges that we all are facing in our world today? Are you looking for guidance of what “right” living may look like for you?

What is Your Life Telling You?  What is Your Soul Experiencing? What is your deeper knowing?

Join us to explore how we can learn from what our life is telling us, to listen to what our soul is experiencing, to say Yes! to new opportunities - and trust that we can live with the hope - and reality - of growth from the old and begin anew.  "The past is over and done; behold the new has come."

Have you ever heard that your problems are your best friends?  How could that possibly be?  Because who but your best friends would keep after you until you solved your problem? 

It's easy to get into the same patterns over and over again that do not serve us.  Often there is the tendency to try harder at what isn't working instead of trying something new and different.

More than ever, these are times to look at what our life is telling us.  And if we don't like what we see, it's time to move through fear and try something different.

In this experiential workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

1)  Look at the patterns in your life.  Are they working?  If not, you will discover ways to shift those patterns so that lightness can transcend darkness, trust can transcend fear; happiness can transcend sadness.

2)  Bring a new understanding about how to live from Soul so that your life continuously unfolds in greater depth, purpose and love.

3)  Reveal the profound and dramatic difference Soul makes during challenging times of stress, work, conflict and dealing with emotions such as depression, anger and anxiety.

4)  Experience how you can walk a spiritual path and still be practical during these times of enormous change - changes that can bring deep fear of the unknown but can, instead, bring new opportunities with each challenge - and a sense of renewal and gratitude.

5)  Know that when living from your Soul, there is much greater ease to life, clarity comes where there has been confusion, a sense of belonging returns, inner joy fills you from the inside, relationships improve, you find your true voice and your life becomes fuller!

6)  Trust that you are in the Right Place at the Right Time with the Right Action!

Where: Susie Hastings home
When: A new date will be announced soon.
Investment: $125 for workshop and supplemental Journal;  $15 for each book.
Total: $155 - if you have either book, deduct that amount

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Participant comments from previous workshop:

"Without Susie telling us that this was the first workshop together (with Jeffrey) I never would have suspected – you were both so synchronized.   All things worked for me.  Thank you for teaching me to go deeper into soul – and what I wanted to take away – I AM!  I am taking it away and so much more." 

~ Sharon Jacko

"It has been a very fulfilling weekend.  I feel like I’ve developed a deeper understanding of who I am and how to approach the rest of my life…I will be practicing the exercises that I’ve learned here and I’m looking forward to reading both of your books!" 

~ John Sheldon

"I thought there was excellent balance between sedentary activities and breaks & time outdoors.  Of course I loved the writing and creating exercises as they are “right up my alley”.  I think you and Jeffrey work very well together." 

~ Alexandra Corwin

"A wonderful launch!  I appreciate the blend of the textures that you both brought to this workshop and the mix of sharing and instruction.  The exercises you chose allowed for rich sharing and revealings from each other." 

~ Ginger Wallis

"Thank you and Jeffrey for such a magical day.  I loved every minute.  I loved that you mixed up the process of the day.  The outdoor time was perfect to reflect on spiritual paths with practical feet;  Jeffrey’s underlying each person’s insights and contributions for more understanding is a real gift of his." 

~ Karen Lukas

"Wonderful!  Awesome!  A ++ Do you get it??" 

~ C. Lesher

Click here to learn about this powerful anthology "Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make A Difference" Book.


Susan (Susie/Suz) Hastings, MSW -  founded Creative Communications Center in 1981, a visionary seminar, consulting, and coaching company..  She has authored or co-authored a variety of topics including: Essentials of Coaching, The Coaching Institute, The Leadership Institute, The Leadership Team Institute, and The Effective Facilitator. Susan is an Executive Coach for Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth and is a Master Teacher with Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing, teaching Living Your Purpose – On Purpose.

Jeffrey Douglass, MSW- author of Living from Your Soul; Licensed psychotherapist for 31 years integrating psychology and spirituality. Jeffrey is founder of LIVING FROM YOUR SOUL, a team of professionals providing services to that end including yoga, ayurvedic medicine, massage, meditation, Soul-centered counseling, retreats, tele-courses and business consultation. He is also an executive coach and business consultant specializing in relationship technology. In addition, he is a senior executive coach for Reina Trust Building Institute.

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