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And this is sure a season of pure beauty here in NH and Vt after an unusually hot summer.  I am wondering, as I write this to you, how your summer was, and now that fall and the usual pace of life kicks in, what's happening in your life with the new season.

For me,  both the season and the reason came together on my birthday May 5th.  A great example that when something is right, it is right and it may not be right one minute before it is right.   Amazing synchronicity! 

The bottom line is that after 50 years in the same beloved home in Norwich, Vermont, I have moved across the river to an independent living condo community in Hanover, N.H.  I loved being in my wonderful home, where we bought the land and Paul did most of the building on over 4 acres of land. But then it was time to leave our family home. I totally knew it, a shock even to me. But I have not had one minute of regret, strange as that may seem.

Truly....For every season, there's a reason....

Susie HastingsI think of this summer as the summer that wasn't for me.  With the exception of presenting a workshop at the National Guild of Hypnotists in August, I literally did nothing all summer except sort, throw, give, pack; sort, throw, give, pack; sort, throw, give, pack.  And I mean Nothing!

I will simply say that without my family, I could never have done it. There was a hardly a day that someone wasn't there doing all that needed to be done. I think it must have been the summer that wasn't for them as well. I do know they sacrificed a lot of time. I would still be there sorting, throwing, giving, packing without them.  Add some friends with last minute packing details, and here I am.

So it was worth it!  Bella and I now love being in a small condo with interesting people in a vibrant community.

Some people have asked me how it all came together so easily and quickly. If you want to read the details of the amazing synchronicity, CLICK HERE. It is long and redundant in places so don't bother unless you have the time and interest in synchronisity. It would be boring.

New information
53 Lyme Road #11
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755
ph 603-277-2955  same cell: 802-683-8834

I'm very sorry for those of you who tried to get in touch with me during this transition....and the saga continues so phone service is still not dependable Cell phone is more dependable (all info is above). It is important to me for everyone to know where I am and easily locate me.

For everything there is a season....and a reason....

This is a season that I will not be teaching any home workshops this fall and the reason?   I am still getting settled after such a huge move,  but I am continuing with hypnotherapy sessions.   They can be done in person, of course, but also by phone, skype or facetime.  I almost always did coaching by phone and it is every bit as effective as in person  In fact, some think more so as they have the comfort of their own home and don't have to go anywhere.

This is a condensed version of what one client wrote me after her phone session:

"Yes the phone session was amazing!!!!

While in my own little safety zone at home the hypnotherapy seemed so much more personal. Also afterward I have been able to reclaim that same sense of blissful serenity when in the same spot in the same relaxed pose when practicing my home exercises....... It is like I have my very own motivational cartoon living in my brain-- I flip to the right channel (that calm receptive state) and Bam!  I am back in that session getting more great suggestion to achieve my goal!!!

Hypnosis has really helped harness the power of the mind!!"  Sue K

For everything there is a season.....and a reason.

This season I have a new addition to my offerings.   I am adding intuitive dowsing for my clients.  The reason?    I am a dowser, my father was a dowser, Sandy Bart Heimann was a dowser extraordinaire.  Sandy died suddenly recently and I have been adjusting ever since.  Sandy is also one of the ten visionaries in my book,  Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make a Difference - she was a medical intuitive and far more who made a profound difference in my life.

I studied with Sandy and in addition, I went to a 4 day dowsing workshop in Washington many years ago.  It was very technical and very complicated, both more than I wanted at the time.  I came back, told Sandy that now I knew the reason I went:  to give it all to her.  She loved it and  integrated it in her work.

I often dowse for myself, but I am honoring Sandy and listening to myself as I dust off the deeper teachings which emerged in my move and now will be offering it to others.

For everything there is a season....and a reason....

Although I am not teaching my home workshops this fall, It is always my season ...and my support and network with others.

I am delighted to say that Jeffrey Douglas is coming back to for a Sunday retreat November 1st.  Any of you who know me know how important Jeffrey has been to me for 20 years...he is my friend, my colleague and my spiritual guide ...and  also one of the visionaries in my book, Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make A Difference Although I will miss having him stay with me and give his workshop in my home as in the past, I know the new venue will also be great.  For details, click here.

That's my update.  And yours?  Do you have a season and a reason?

I would love to hear from you whether you do or not.

Happy Fall!


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