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The Nuts and Bolts of A Fail/Safe Curriculum That Can Guide You To
Coaching Success Year in And Year Out!

One On One Coaching Manual Reach Your Potential Companion Guide

To order please call 1- 800-733-9349.

"Essentials Of Coaching" curriculum includes:


Before you begin (making the most of this Guide)



Assessment and Supplement Information

Module 1: Getting Started

Coaching Agreement
Personal Information
Welcome to Coaching!
How to Have Your Vision Become Your Reality
Getting to Know You, an in-depth questionnaire
Balance Wheel
My Goals to Reach My Vision
What Do I Value?

Module 2: Coaching Model

A Coaching Model
Coaching Technique Steps

Module 3: DISC Behavior

How to Discover your DISC Behavior Profile
Benefits of the DISC Model
Dominant Style
Influencing Style
Steady Style
Compliant Style
Four Behavioral Tendencies
What DISC Measures – Highs and Lows
Behavioral Proficiency Exercise
How to Communicate with the Different Styles
Work Behavioral Characteristics

Module 4: Coaching to DISC

Coaching to DISC 
Coaching strategies for each DISC Styles

Module 5: Workplace Motivators

Values/Workplace Motivators
Your Attitude is Showing
Attitude Power Points
Graph Reading

Module 6: Communications

Communication Exercise
One Word May Have Many Different Interpretations
Four Levels of Learning Development
Problem Ownership
Acceptable/Unacceptable Behaviors
Twelve Roadblocks to Communications
Listening Assessment
Active Listening
A Model for Listening and Action
Ten Skills for Good Listening
Common Listening Errors
Listening Exercise Observer Sheet
The Iceberg Theory
Say It Directly: Effective Confrontation Using “I” Messages
Appreciative “I” Messages
What Motivates the Worker?
Inverse Proportion of Control/Influence
Win/Win Checklist
Advantages of Win/Win Conflict Resolution
Resolving Values Collisions
Team Feedback
Principles of Angeles Arrien from The Four Fold Way

Module 7: Time Management 

Personal Time Management Behavioral Continuums
Tips for Managing Common Time Wasters
***Drop in visitors/unscheduled visits
***Shifting priorities
***Personal disorganization
***Junk mail (electronic and paper)
***Difficulty saying “no”
***Unproductive meetings
***Telephone or email interruptions
***Lack of clear goals, priorities, planning
***Perfectionist attitude
***Over scheduling – too many things going on at once
Task Worksheets

Module 8: Coping With Stress

Stress Management
Energy Blockers
What Do I Value?
Play Your Winners Exercise
Supporters and Confronters in My Life
Strategies for Coping with Stress
Empowering Yourself and Others
Develop a Supportive Culture

Module 9: Vision Mission Values

Sample Vision Statements
Some Visioning Questions to Ask
Leader Vision Draft and Personal Vision Draft
Mission and Examples of Mission
Sample Mission Statements
Mission Statement draft
Guiding Values of Our Team Culture
Sample Value Statements
Values draft

Module 10: From Vision to Reality

Where’s the Gap Between Vision and Reality?
Evaluating Strengths and Opportunities for Growth
From Vision to Reality
Vision – what do you want in your life?
Current Reality – assessing the current reality of your life
Plan – closing the gap between vision and current reality
Accountability – setting benchmarks to monitor progress

Module 11: Goal Setting

The Principles of Manifestation
Principle of Vision
The Goal Setting Process
Key Elements of a Goal Statement

Modules 12, 13, 14 - Articles and Reflections

Module 12: Personal Articles

Read and Reflect
From Vision to Reality
The H.E.A.R.T. of the Matter
The Olympics: Families, Coaches and Friends
Opening Communications
Make Peace – Let It Go
New Years Resolutions
Lessons in Simplicity and De-Stressing Your Life

Module 13:  Business Articles

Changing Perspectives on Leadership
Follow the Leader
Training in Communications
Motivating Employees
Effective Ways to Deal with An Irate Customer
Customer Follow-Up Service

Module 14: Education Articles

Teachers as Leaders
Initiatives for Excellence
A Fresh Slate
Confronting Our Students
Helping Our Students Take Responsibility
Win/Win Conflict Resolution


Author Bio and Testimonials

Action Planning Worksheet

Sample Assessments and Flyers:

Click on a link below to open a sample assessment in a new window.

Flyers are available in all of the above. All can be online as well as paper, except for Coping & Stress which only comes in paper.


One On One Coaching Manual Reach Your Potential Companion Guide

To order please call 1- 800-733-9349.

To talk more in depth about the guide or learn how to become a distributor for these assessments, email Susan
at to set up a time to talk.

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