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The Leadership Institute: Making A Difference
Turning Managers Into Leaders and Leaders Into Visionaries


"A Leader is someone others want to follow."  Of all the hundreds of leader definitions I've seen, that remains my favorite.  One can have the title of "leader" but if no one wants to follow them, it's a moot point.

Do your people want to follow you with enthusiasm and commitment or do theLeadership Institutey reluctantly follow with grudging compliance?   Do you instill trust in your people - or fear?  In my experience, and what I hear from my clients, is that most organizations are high fear/low trust. 

Or is there high morale, team spirit, and motivation with your people?

Studies show that 88% of U.S. people dread going to work on a Monday morning - higher in Europe.  How would your people rate their feelings on a Monday morning?

What does the Leadership Institute Accomplish?

The Leadership Institute helps your people create a vision and a plan for excellence and achievement - both in results and in relationships. The result is employees who are enthusiastic, highly motivated, excellent performers - and create high team spirit and morale.  And who are happy to go to work on a Monday morning!

People grow, organizations thrive.

The Leadership Institute is an intensive program for those organizations that want their managers and leaders to make a greater impact on, and have more influence with, the people they lead and serve.

What Is Covered With the Leadership Institute?

Phase One Topics Phase 2 Topics

Modules include:

  • Vision-Mission-Values
  • DISC Behavior
  • Attitudes
  • Communications
  • Vision to Reality
  • Team Building

Modules include:

  • Deepen Phase 1
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning


  • The Leadership Institute and Turning Managers Into Leaders
  • Leaders Into Visionaries Guide
  • DISC assessment
  • Values/Workplace Motivators assessment


  • Time Mastery Assessment
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership
  • 360 feedback





Investment: $1777

Deposit: $500

Scholarships available based on need and sincere purpose

Investment: $1777

Deposit:  $500

Scholarships available based on need and sincere purpose

Here's What You Can Expect!

Leadership with influence
Respect in the workplace
A new sense of spirit
Commitment to a common vision
A can-do attitude
Greater focus
Clearer communications
Improved group dynamics
Empowering environment
Realization of goals
Team alignment

Preplanning materials, done on-line, are given to all attendees in advance: 

DISC Personal Profile
Workplace Motivators
Time Mastery
Coping With Stress
360 Feedback

These assessment materials aid in the learning process and support people in putting ideas into action.

The specifically designed agenda and environment foster trust and respect for all participants. Special emphasis is placed on each person's unique style and personal profile, allowing participants to leave with a vision for success and a plan of action for making things happen - in their work, careers and personal lives.

The Leadership Institute is a comprehensive and complete experience for Turning Managers Into Leaders and Leaders Into Visionaries.

Organizations grow when people perform at their best.  The successful organizations of the future understand the importance of investing in their people today.

"This program is by far the best I've ever seen in providing excellent leadership skills training.  The difference in this program and others we've done over the years is that in addition to developing skills, this program develops relationships.  Already there is a tremendous difference in the leadership team that is rapidly spreading to their respective staffs resulting in a more dynamic, energetic, efficient and happier workforce.  As a result, it is highly effective at producing positive results that we're seeing daily - even 2 years later!!" 

~ Brenda Mahaffey, Training and Facilitation, Federal Railroad Administration

"The Leadership Institute has had a tremendous impact on our organization. Our managers now have a clear picture of what an effective leader looks like and acts like. They are able to define a vision and mission for their team that sets everyone out on the same path. When they leave the Institute, they can be measured and monitored. Everyday I hear a story about a success that one of our leaders has had that can be attributed back to skills they learned and adopted at the Institute. The Institute has become our secret weapon in our development of a strong team."

~ Storage USA

"With your guidance, all of our ambitious goals were achieved and the results promise an abundant and long lasting return on our investment of time. I am pleased that, between us, we have addressed the critical issues while preparing my key staff members for the next step, which will be more intensely involved with leadership issues and will be directed to a much larger audience. I was impressed with the enthusiastic response of the participants to your leadership and guidance during the many phases of the workshop. Their response assures that the impact on their performance will be permanent.

~ USArmy Corps of Engineers.

Can't come to Vermont?  I'll come to you. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed that you are delighted with the Leadership Institute!



You Make A Difference!

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