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The Essentials of Coaching Institute
Coaching Skills for Mangers

managers and leaders

The Essentials of Coaching Institute is a synthesis of what I consider the best from many models and is a culmination of my own coaching career, starting in the early 90’s.  It has involved years of study and experience where I have identified what is deeply compelling for me in coaching others. Although I have taught this for years this is the first time I am launching this program locally.

Coaching Skills for Managers 
- to introduce managers to a new way of thinking and leading others.

Essentials of Coaching:
Coaching Skills for Managers

Purpose: The Essentials of Coaching Institute: Coaching Skills for Managers.To introduce managers to a time-tested approach to coaching others for maximum results.  Relationships are greatly enhanced in the context of this method of a coaching system. People reach new levels of their potential and perform at their best on a daily basis.

Here's Why: Collaboration, Motivation, Communication
There is a big difference between managerial skills and coaching skills. Management tends to tell rather than ask, resulting in a lack of collaboration, motivation and communication. Teaching managers how to coach has the potential of achieving exceptional relationships and desired results in a positive way - therefore, creating a positive environment for growth.

A Manager who coaches others to their potential is one of your greatest organizational assets.

Turning managers into leaders requires them to coach others to a state of excellence.  The tried and traditional management techniques may be outdated in these times of challenge and change. To succeed in today’s business climate means motivating and managing others in a coaching fashion. When managers create an environment where people are treated as individuals with uniquely different sets of skills, abilities and talents, people begin to see their potential in a whole new light. It can provide a tremendous return when people think, take action and perform at a higher level every single day as the norm and not the exception.

Great Managers meet the best of what people need and want.

Here are the results:

Enhance relationships between managers and their people
Development of specific coaching skills
Increased productivity in the workplace    
Greater commitment to a common goal
A sense of meaning and personal fulfillment
Deepen their communication skills
Help others discover their strengths and remove their barriers
Learn more about themselves
Live more authentically at home and at work
Know they are making a difference – for themselves and others

Format: The Essentials of Coaching Institute: Turning Managers Into Coaches is a Two-Phase Program. It is not necessary to take both phases, but it is required to take Phase 1 before Phase 2.   

Each phase includes:

  • A three day workshop
  • Essentials of Coaching Guides for both coach and client
  • Access to me for coaching 
  • Assessments
  • Celebration and graduation at the end of each phase. 


Phase 1 workshop - new dates announced soon.


$1277 for certification*

  $977 workshop only
  Phase 2 workshop (optional), new dates announced soon.


$1277 for certification*
  $977 workshop only
* For certification, additional skills practice required.


Norwich, Vermont (also available on-site or off-site of choice)


$300 deposit sent to Susan Hastings, POB 808, Norwich, VT 05055.

For registration information please call 1- 800-733-9349.

Phase One Topics Phase 2 Topics

Modules include:

  • Coaching Model
  • DISC Behavior
  • Values/Workplace Motivators
  • Communications
  • Vision to Reality
  • Goal Setting

Modules include:

  • Review and deepen Phase 1
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Vision-Mission-Values
  • Facilitation
  • Reflections


  • Essentials of Coaching  (Leaders and Client Guides)
  • DISC and Values/Workplace Motivators assessments


  • Time Mastery Assessment
  • Stress Management Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Facilitation Assessment



Scholarships available based on need and sincere purpose



Scholarships available based on need and sincere purpose

All modules have experiential exercises, practice and sharing.  For those going on for certification, there will be practice with a client of their choice plus with each other.  Each participant will be expected to send a written report to me and to each other to critique during tele-classes.

“I don’t know how you do it, your materials are absolutely outstanding.  A remarkable resource for any coach manager or even a professional coach trainer to turn to for inspiration, direction and tools.  The integration of many disciplines and skills is not only comprehensive but also easy to access and integrate.  It is as good a resource as I have seen and it is a must have tool for managers to help meet the increasing demands of today’s work world.” 
~ Debbie Eibner, Coach University Certified Coach

“The Essentials of Coaching is an excellent resource for managers.  The combination of the workbook content, personal assessments and learning activities is a powerful coaching curriculum designed to translate a client’s objectives into results.” 
~ Alex Jaccaci, CCC,COC, Alice Peck Day Hospital

“As a coach of many years myself, I really think there is a wonderful opportunity for existing coaches - please think about how you can touch those who want something new and fresh, who want to learn assessments, who need to be inspired”.
~ Valerie Taloni, Hudson Certified Coach

"I have confidence that I can be a coach - and a great one!"

For registration information please call 1- 800-733-9349.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed that you are delighted with the Essentials of Coaching Institute!



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