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Become a Certified Holistic Life Coach
The Essentials of Coaching Institute:
The Art and Skills to Become a World-Class Coach
Phase One TBA

Purpose: The Essentials of Coaching Institute: The Art and Skills to Become a World-Class Coach is designed for those who want to become a Life Coach and for those who already are coaches and want to sharpen their skills and/or get fresh new ideas. This two-phase program synthesizes many of the coaching models I have experienced over years of study in the field. It is an integration of what I find deeply compelling for me in coaching others. At the end of the program you will:

  • Be ready to start a coaching practice
  • Be more effective in your personal and professional life
  • Deepen your communication skills
  • Help others discover their strengths and remove their barriers
  • Learn more about yourself and others
  • Discover ways to make your vision your reality
  • Live more authentically at home and at work
  • Know you are making a difference—for yourself and others

Why participate?
Whether you are looking for a new career, want to start your own business, hope to deepen your skills in your current career, or simply want to help people this may be the workshop for you. There is a great need for coaches who care about people and want to help make a difference to them during stressful, transitional or otherwise challenging times.

Testimonials from recent graduates:

"It was a wonderful experience to work and learn under you. You set high expectations, but always temper them with compassion. This is how I strive to be as a teacher. You exude both strength and caring, and create a safe but rigorous environment. In some really challenging moments in my life, it was motivating to hear both your affirmations and your exhortations to do more/better. In addition, your focus on serving others has helped me to find direction in what I am doing now. Also, you model how to find a balance between the need for Truth and the need for Harmony, even when you need to adjust for sudden shifts."
~ Abby Weir

"Susie you were fantastic as a leader. You are a model of how to be a strong and compassionate leader. Your focus on this teaching was keen and enabled me to see how important it was to you and how much you cared about each of us as people, learners and coaches. Your compassion made me feel safe in the learning process and your insight and focus and challenge helped me to take the risk of being honest with myself and with you in order to grow."
~ Anne Steele

"The content of the program is very rich. The Guide is a treasure through this process.  I have everything I need and more with the guide and our sessions.  THANK YOU!!!!!  You are a wonderful leader with a perfect blend of compassion and achievement.  I admire your ability to hold us accountable for the work we do while being empathetic and caring." 
~ Elena Petrici

"On a scale of 1-10, a 10 for content.  Everything we learned was helpful, valid and useful and I know I will be using all of it in some way.  You genuinely care about us and this program.  You see our potential and want to foster it." 
~ Amy Fortier

"Awesome...I have gained so much knowledge on so many levels!  I have grown personally and professionally.  I feel like I will be able to model the program!  I enjoyed the ability to be flexible and loved the relaxed feeling.   I think this course would be beneficial for everyone!  You are wonderful!  I hope you continue to inspire!" 
~ Sara Dunkerton

The Essentials of Coaching Institute is a Two-Phase Program. It is not necessary to take both Phases, but Phase 1 is a prerequisite for Phase 2.

Two options for each Phase:
Certification: -day training plus 3-month distance learning program 2 or 3 day training
Skills Immersion & Fresh Ideas: Weekend workshop only

Each Phase includes:
Weekend workshop
Phase 1 = Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Phase 2 = Saturday & Sunday
Skill practice with clients and with each other over a 3 month period
Three Teleclass sessions of 1.5 hours each (may meet in person if participants prefer)
Coaching support with Susie as wanted
Daily journaling to remain mindful of the skills you will be learning
Celebration and graduation at the end of each phase.


Phase One Modules Include: Phase 2 Modules Include:
  • Getting Started
  • Coaching Model
  • DISC Behavior
  • Values/Workplace Motivators
  • Communications
  • Goal Setting
  • Review and Deepen Phase One
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Vision-Mission-Values
  • Reflections



  • DISC & Values/Workplace Motivators
  • Listening Assessment


  • Time Mastery Assessment
  • Stress Management Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment


When: TBA
Where: Norwich, VT (also available on-site or off-site of choice.)


When: Option 2 dates to be determined. Teleclass times to be decided by class.
Where: Norwich, VT (also available on-site or off-site of choice.)


***Certification $1177 (includes “Essentials of Coaching: Leaders and Client Guides) - Click here to register.

***Weekend Only $977 -  Click here to register.


***Certification:  $977

***Weekend Only $777

* We offer full price payment and a payment plan. Scholarships are available based on need and sincere purpose.

Questions?  Please call Susan at 603-277-2955

Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed that you are delighted with the Essentials of Coaching Institute!


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