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The Essentials of Coaching Institute:
The Art and Skills to Become a World Class Coach

managers and leaders

The Essentials of Coaching Institute is a synthesis of what I consider the best from many models and is a culmination of my own coaching career, starting in the early 90’s.  It has involved years of study and experience where I have identified what is deeply compelling for me in coaching others. 

Are you looking for a new career? Want to start your own business? Do you like to help people? Do you want to make a difference - for yourself and for others?

If so, this may be the workshop for you!

These are times of change - and where there's change, there's opportunity. Whatever your reason for wanting new beginnings, I encourage you to consider coaching if you answered "Yes!" to the above questions. There is a great need for coaches who care about people and want to help make a difference to them during these stressful, challenging times.

Purpose:  The Essentials of Coaching Institute: The Art and Skills to Become a World-Class Coach is designed for those who want to become a Certified Holistic Life Coach and for those who already are coaches and want to sharpen their skills and/or get fresh new ideas.
Outcomes: At the end of this program, you will feel confident in your coaching skills.  You will:

Be ready to start a coaching practice 
Be more effective in your personal and professional life
Deepen your communication skills
Help others discover their strengths and remove their barriers to desired outcomes
Learn more about yourself – and others
Discover ways to make your vision become your reality
Live more authentically at home and at work
Know you are making a difference – for yourself and others

Format: The Essentials of Coaching Institute is a seven month Two-Phase Program, each phase being 3 1/2 months for those who want certification.   It is not necessary to take both phases, but it is required to take Phase 1 before Phase 2.   Each phase includes the following for those who want certification:

  • a weekend, Friday to Sunday, for deep immersion into the coaching process. 
  • skill practice with a client and with each other over the 3 1/2 months.
  • 3 tele-class sessions of 1 1/2 hours each for further deepening or in person as a group if preferred.
  • coaching support with me as wanted.
  • celebration and graduation at the end of each phase. 

When:  TBD. All Phase 2 workshop dates (optional), will be determined by the class.

Where: My home (also available on-site or off-site of choice)

Registration: We offer full price payment and a payment plan. Scholarships or barter are available based on need and sincere purpose.

Certification for Phase 1

For registration information please call 1- 800-733-9349.

Phase One Topics Phase 2 Topics

Phase One Modules Include:

  • Getting Started
  • Coaching Model
  • DISC Behavior
  • Values/Motivators
  • Communications
  • Goal Setting

Phase 2 Modules Include:

  • Review and Deepen Phase One
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Vision-Mission-Values
  • Goal Setting (continued)
  • Reflections


  • Essentials of Coaching Guide 
  • RealTime Coaching (book)


  • DISC Behavior
  • Values/Workplace Motivators  
  • Listening  
  • DISC for clients


  • Essentials of Coaching Guide CD
  • Growing Your Business (book)


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time Mastery  
  • Coping & Stress
  • Leadership




Phase 2 dates to be determined.   Tele-class times decided by class. 

Investment: Essentials of Coaching Institute: The Art and Skills to Become a World-Class Coach

*** Certification:    $1177

Scholarships/Barter available based on need and sincere purpose

Investment: Essentials of Coaching Institute: The Art and Skills to Become a World-Class Coach

*** Certification:    $1177

Scholarships/Barter available based on need and sincere purpose

For registration information please call 1- 800-733-9349.

All modules include reading, keeping a journal, coaching skills to practice in between weekend and tele-classes. Each participant will report back to the group how practice sessions went, receive feedback and deepen their skills. 

Sample of Comments from Participants:

"Susie Hastings has been not only my life coach but also my coaching instructor. She has challenged me, helped me grow and given me the gift of furthering my career as a Holistic Life Coach. Susie takes an overwhelming amount of information, tools, and skills and turns these materials into invigorating, fun, challenging classes. I have no doubt that with Susie's style of teaching I will succeed in being a highly skilled Holistic Life Coach! Thank you Susie!"
~ PJ Stanwood
Massage Therapist


"Susie's Coaching Institute was a significant event in my life. It not only taught me the principles and values of coaching, but also revealed to me how well being a coach suits me. The high demands of the training gave me the background and confidence to begin my own practice. I am indebted to Susie for the new phase of my life."
~ Robin Casey Bahr

“ Susie, I am so excited to be beginning this study of coaching with you!  I feel like I have been handed exactly the pieces that have been missing for me in the creation of my own venture.  I now have a clear understanding of what coaching is and the value that becoming a coach has for me as I begin my venture as a Holistic Health Consultant and Coach.  Thank you for your incredible facilitating, teaching and support!” 
~ Nicky Corrao

“ More and more I can envision how I will be able to work with people to help them through challenges and blockages.  I am so excited about this.  But more importantly, I feel this work will help my journey towards purpose, and my own healing by giving me a greater sense of wholeness and grounding.  I have already told you how much I value your presence, your energy, and the opportunity to learn from you.” 
~ Tammy O’Bradovich

 “I can't tell you how positive I am feeling about this new path, life coaching!  It is awesome.  So I am in for Phase 2.” 
~ Frederica Graham

For registration information please call 1- 800-733-9349.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed that you are delighted with the Essentials of Coaching Institute!



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