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Effective Parenting Workshop

Being a parent is a wonderful opportunity and blessing. But it can also be full of heartaches and tears of frustration. Most parents have never learned how to parent so they follow their parent's example. This approach is not always skillful - and being a good parent does take skills. You can learn parenting skills that work - and I can teach and coach you how to do them.

For many years, I taught Dr. Thomas Gordon's Parent Effectiveness Training: P.E.T. When I started traveling with my consulting and teaching in the education and corporate arenas, I had to stop - but my heart has always been with families and remains so today.

So why am I now offering Effective Parenting?

Recently, a woman from one of my first P.E.T. classes asked me if I would please teach it again, that it had changed her life and now her daughter and friend needed it as well. I said to her "You get the people and I'll teach the class" - and she did and I did.

Teaching it again after 20 years and again seeing the difference it made for the parents who attended (from 2 1/2 year old twins to 17 year old teenagers) warmed my heart and reminded me of how I love teaching these skills to parents.

And now, I'm being asked to teach it still once again and I'm delighted to do so.

Effective Parenting is based on Dr. Thomas Gordon's P.E.T. and Dr. William Glasser's Reality Therapy, a very powerful combination of communication skills.

My classes/coaching will help you to make a commitment to find better ways to ...

* listen and encourage your children to talk and share openly and

* guide them in taking responsibility for their own actions

* meet your own needs without placing blame and damaging your
child's self esteem

* resolve conflict so that relationships between parents and children are
actually enhanced and closer harmony achieved through the difficulties

* influence your children's values

Long Term Benefits will result when you devote the time and positive energy to learn new skills for you and your children.

* you will have a deeper understanding of them and they of you
* greater harmony and joy will result - and continue.

A few Testimonials from recent graduates of Effective Parenting:

*** "I will use these techniques every day in all my relationships. It works!" Kirsten

*** " I loved the open, honest way you shared the materials with us and wove in your own personal experiences - that was so incredibly helpful and meaningful. I am so grateful!!" Susan

*** " I felt it was a very worthwhile and informative experience." Dennis

*** "Susie made it feel like this stuff really worked - she lived it and gave real examples of what works and how hard it was sometimes. Her kids were not perfect so I don't feel like I can't make it work.." Brystol

*** Thank you again, Susie, so much for a fantastic and very meaningful experience. Your knowledge and experience really shows as does your sincerity." Ken

*** Taking this workshop has affirmed that there is another way to communicate with others w/o having to be "right" from the get-go." Kathleen

*** "Keep doing this. I wish I had taken this 16 years ago before my first child was born." Adam

When: *** TBD
          *** 9 - 5, 12:30-1:30 lunch
          *** An additional celebration time will be decided on by the group.

Where: Susan's home

$95 individual/ $175 couple. Participants will need to purchase PET: Parent Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon.

Deposit: $30

Register: Susie Hastings 603-277-2955

If this workshop or parent coaching sounds like something that would be of interest to you and your family, please contact me. 1- 800-733-9349

The skills worked 20 years ago - they still do. At home and at work.

Can't take a class but want to learn the skills?  Email or call Susie to set up individual parent coaching sessions!

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