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About Susan Hastings

Executive Life Coach
(from The Norwich Times)


Susan Hastings believes that everyone has the ability to make a difference in his or her personal and work lives. In her business, Creative Communications center, she helps individuals and organizations in the U.S. and Canada recognize and develop their full potential. Her clients include Cabot Cheese marketing representatives, Dartmouth faculty, a manager of a Brookhaven Labs on Long Island, an executive of Avon, and top Federated Railroad administrators. Issues run the gamut from communication and management issues to stress, problem-solving, leadership, facilitation, and team building.

For over twenty years, Hastings has been incorporating life coaching skills into her work with people. She is certified in three coaching models. Out of her extensive experience, she developed what she calls Olympian Coaching, based on an analogy of the importance of the importance of a coach to the success of an Olympian. (Two of her children have been in the Olympics.) "People come to me for one full day of coaching," she explains. Out of that comes an action plan. She works with the person for the next eleven months. For clients who don't need or want the full day session, Hastings developed the Laser Program that offers regular check-in time! to help them with issues on a regular but less intensive basis.

"The way I coach is holistic," Hastings explains. The sessions often begin with the professional issues then move to the personal as she helps people. see the connections between the two.

"I see myself as a catalyst," she says. "I really believe in them and I want to support them over the rough spots." She works with clients on such concerns as how to manage more effectively, how to handle stress, how they can talk to their boss or their peers more skillfully, or simply how to create more fulfilling lives. Hastings created the Leadership Institute, has done extensive leadership workshops for the past decade, and is now also interested in working with teenagers on leadership issues.

As a young woman just out of college, Hastings married and begin raising three children in Norwich. She never expected that she would have a career. Her vision of life changed when she met Dottie Campion at a party. She was a councilor at Richmond Middle School in Hanover. "I thought "That's exactly what I want to do," Hastings recalls. She got involved and was ultimately hired. That was in the mid-1970’s. "I loved it talking to teenagers at the Richmond School for ten years," she says.

Since 1981, Hastings has had her own business. She started by teaching Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) in the Upper Valley while working at the school. Her own children were sixteen, fourteen and eleven years old. "I had a good relationship with them. I heard about the effectiveness course and thought I didn't need It for parenting but I took it to enhance my counseling skills." she recounts. "It was a very humbling experience. I realized I had so much to learn as a parent." After taking the course, she was asked to train to teach it, but she had a fear of public speaking and said no. She finally overcame her fear because she was so passionate about passing on the value of the class to others.

Teaching parents led Hastings to become an instructor of Teacher Effectiveness Training (T.E.T.) for the national organization on the East Coast. She also began working with local businesses and teaching Leadership Effectiveness Training. Through Jeanne Childs, who was doing her presentation materials, she met a man who taught and subsequently referred her to the American Management

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teaching for this international seminar company in the US and Canada.

While Hastings still travels as a teacher and consultant, she wants to focus on coaching and local workshops/consulting so she will be home in Norwich more. "All three sons are here, and my grandchildren," she says. "I get to go to soccer games and family events." She also loves animals (she has two cats and will soon be getting a puppy) and volunteers at the Humane Society

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