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Isagenix - Transform Your Health, Wealth & Lifestyle

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Isagenix helps you lead a healthier, more prosperous life, and will help you improve the lives of your friends and family. Click here to learn more.

Hypnosis alone is great.  Isagenix alone is great. The combination of the two is over the top. 

"FANTASTIC results! Besides having ABSOLUTELY NO sugar cravings anymore, the Isagenix and food are going perfectly. And yes, I've got a plan, thanks for checking.

You didn't get a daily report because I've been very busy and forgetful, but NOT too busy to do my daily techniques! Boy, are they working! Oh, and I have been giving myself the suggestion that I ENJOY daily exercise, and incredibly enough I've been enjoying it for the first time in my life. What is really amazing though is that I wake up feeling willing and eager rather than resisting. Even when I was trying to exercise and not eat sugar before it was a chore and a struggle. I really believe this time that all my "suggestions" are possible. No, not just possible, inevitable. Life feels immensely easier, lighter. I've pulled my energy away from the things I can't change and put it into what I can- my own physical, mental, and spiritual health, and its been possible because of the work I did with you.

Thanks for your beautiful energy."
~ Bria Singer, Massage Therapist

"I am so pleased with the results of the hypnosis I received from Susie Hastings.  I stopped my late night snacks and lost 34 lbs.  The combination of the Isagenix program and the hypnosis did the trick.  I was never hungry on the Isagenix program and the combination of hypnosis and Isagenix caused me to lose a couple pants sizes, painlessly.   I have tried many diets and nothing worked until Susie hypnotized me and told me about Isagenix."

~ Mary Anne Holland







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