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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Workshop Participants,

I am writing this on Easter day because I am struck by similarities.

As Jesus Christ set the example of life after death, so was I reminded of that miracle when my dear friend, Liz Osborn, passed a couple of weeks ago.. Liz died after years of a very debilitating illness that resulted in her being in a Memory Care/Nursing Home her last years.    A very special occurrence happened to me a week ago, two days after her service: in the middle of my living room carpet, there was a Christmas card that Liz had sent me several years ago.  How did it get there?  I believe it was Liz, letting me know she lived on.  I'm a believer and though I have had other such special incidents over the years, I am always still in awe and very humbled.   Do you have a better explanation? 

The card was of a robin ...and to me, robins signal spring, renewal, new beginnings, latent growth emerging. What could be a more perfect message right now, regardless of the way it came?

Update on my friend and colleague for whom I asked for help several months ago.  You may remember my request for financial help for her.  She and her husband's house was sold that they had rented for several years.  Times had been very tough financially and with the poor economy, they had no money, no idea of where they could go with prices being very high where they live, how they would pay moving costs if they did find something, etc.

But with your help they have found a wonderful place near where they live now that they can afford and May 1st they will move into a  home that is perfect for them looking out on a beautiful park.  They transitioned from fear and desperation to faith and trust that all would be well even when it didn't look like it would be.  They were given spiritual help as well as financial and are now looking forward to their new home and resulting new energy.  Needless to say, they are very grateful and plan to "pay it forward".  I'm sure they will.

All of this reminds me of resurrection, of being reborn, whether Liz or my friend - and of what we used to say in church:  "The old is over and done.  Behold the new has come."  Whenever, wherever we may be.

My update:  And now on to that.

Yes, I hear it all the way from you to me:  "I knew you'd never retire!"  "Semi-retire?  You don't even know how to spell the word!!"

Ah,'re right.  But I have found that when I'm passionate about something and it can make a difference for others, I can't stay away....and I don't want to.

But I have cut down (semi-retired!) and this Hypnosis and Isagenix Weight Loss Class is the only workshop I am offering this spring.   I offered this class last fall and am happy to be offering it again, particularly since I've been asked to do so. 

Scroll down for details.  I am having a free introductory session on May 13th when Janet Spangler, expert on Isagenix and PJ Stanwood who has lost 25 pounds since January with this combination, will be here to share their expertise/experiences.

Next fall I will again offer the Essentials of Coaching Institute, a 7 month program to become certified Holistic Life Coaches if that has interest for you in the future, again by request.  (Actually, I only offer things by request these days, even a three day Leadership Institute this spring.)

I do continue to see individual clients for coaching and hypnosis which I always enjoy ...both the challenges and subsequent rewards.  I started seeing teenagers last fall for hypnotherapy - reminds me of school counseling and Norwich Youth Counselor days - I love it.

And the good news is that I can offer hypnosis/hypnotherapy over the phone and skype with the same benefits.  So distance does not need to be a factor, again reinforced when I was in Hilton Head for the winter hypnotizing people back at home. And when at home, to wherever.

So, yes, semi-retired with my 78th birthday just a few weeks away....feeling great with the balance I want in my life with my family, friends and my dear Maltese therapy dog Bella and the visits we make to Hospice, hospital and nursing home patients.  In fact, Bella made the last sentence in an obituary of a Hospice patient we had been seeing for a year:  "And a special thank you to Bella Hastings, therapy dog, for the love and comfort she brought."   It warms our hearts.

Spending winters in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where my brother and sister in law live, new friends and the beloved beach and ocean also help bring a wonderful balance for me.  Of course, there's no place like home.

Another balancing factor: for over a year, I begin and end each day with Deepak Chopra and Oprah's meditations.  It has been significant for me.  They have just started a new series "Going with the Flow" if you're interested.  They are free during the 21 days and you can purchase later if you want, which I have done.

I hope you have found your own balance,  whatever your age may be, wherever you may be.  Two of my favorite words are intention and attention.  I have found that if we have an intention to find balance and we put our attention on our intention to do so - making the right choices, the right priorities - we will do so.  And be happy with the result.

Remember the robin and its message of spring, of renewal, of new beginnings, of latent growth emerging.  It's there for all of us to tap into at any time.  Thank you, Liz.

(And this is the last message I will send mentioning retirement, even semi....)

As always, I love to hear from you and to catch up with what matters to you in your life.  If you have time for a cup of coffee/tea/lunch/phone catch up and would like to get together, do let me know.

And as always, I send love and all the very best for you,



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Susie Hastings' Spring Offerings

Four Week Weight Loss Class with Hypnosis and Isagenix

Do you want to finally get rid of unwanted weight whether under 10 pounds or over 100?   You can and you will - easily and effortlessly if you are motivated and committed – by combining Hypnosis with Isagenix, a weight-loss, detox and cleanse program.

I have completed my fourth cleanse day and my total weight lost is 8 pounds. Total inches lost10.25!  I am so encouraged.”   D.C. after 4 weeks 

      “I’ve lost 40 pounds so far and I am still losing.  I feel great,  I have more energy,  and I am sleeping much better.  S.B. after 3 months

Hypnosis is great for losing weight; Isagenix is great for losing weight; the combination of Hypnosis and Isagenix is the best I have ever

When: Tuesdays, May 20 – June 10, 7pm – 9pm    Free intro class May 13th
Where: Susie’s home in Norwich, VT (limit of 8)
Investment: $177,  plus Isagenix plan you choose (optional)
Register/Details: Call or email Susie (802-649-1069);

Satisfaction guaranteed

This is what will be covered: And Received:
Week 1 – Healthy Choices 1.  Four hypnosis sessions
Week 2 – Emotional Attachments 2.  Myers-Briggs assessment (incl. stressors)
Week 3 – Persistence and Motivation 3.  My CD with weight loss trance induction
Week 4 – Self-Image and Self-Confidence 4. My support throughout

In addition, individual coaching and sessions are available

"You've changed my life...really." K.J.

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